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A well-planned vacation can be ruined by a sickness during a trip; illness can vary from traveler’s diarrhea to malaria fever. To eliminate the chance of an illness during a trip, it is essential to obtain proper vaccinations and travel advice in advance of your travel. The importance of travel advice cannot be understated as it can be life saving. Advice can range from safety in the water and on land especially if driving, use of bottled water, insect repellant, mosquito nets, and the availability of Pepto Bismol, Tylenol, and Imodium.

Keep in mind that some vaccines need to be given at least one month prior to travel for effectiveness; therefore, we suggest that travel advice be obtained at least 4-6 weeks prior to your travel date. Commercial insurances generally do not pay for travel advice and vaccinations.  The typical consultation fee is $150 per person and discounts will be considered for groups of 3 or more.

Unlike some travel clinic or centers, we have access to all recommended vaccines including yellow fever vaccine. Our office is a government approved YELLOW FEVER VACCINE CENTER.

Have a Safe Trip!

For additional travel related information, visit the center for disease control

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