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Dr. Olayemi O. Osiyemi established Triple O Medical Services in Palm Beach County in September 2000 and has enjoyed continuous growth.  One of his main goals from the beginning was to establish a medical organization that would provide top-notch care in the field of Infectious disease.  This would mean providing various services that were not currently being provided in the county at the time and improve upon the services that were already available.  Some of those services included an Outpatient Infusion Suite for intravenous antibiotics and HIV management.  He also had a vision to establish a top notch research organization that would give patients access to novel therapy for several disease processes in the field of Infectious disease such as HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetic foot infections and Soft tissue infections.

Highly respected institutions all over the world combine medical care with research in order to bring the best and latest treatment options to their patients.  This means patients would not have to travel to Institutions such as the University of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Shands Hospital, Johns Hopkins or NIH (National Institute of Health) for novel (new) therapeutic agents.  His continuous involvement in research and leadership led to the creation of another organization called Triple O Research Institute P.A. in 2006.  This new entity was established solely for Phase one to Phase four clinical trials.   Dr. Osiyemi has partnered with many pharmaceutical industries to provide many novel therapies and has published several articles in major medical journals.

Another goal of Dr. Osiyemi was to develop community partnership as this was imperative to the success of his medical and research programs.  He engaged the community by forming partners with several non-profit organizations and giving lectures at free health fairs, schools, and churches.  He believes empowering the community will lead to better health outcome.  One of his famous quotes is “Knowledge is Power, Knowledge cannot be taken away from you but Money can”.

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